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About Us

What We Offer

Micromeritics Learning Center, or MLC, provides scientific theory and hands-on instrument training, for many of Micromeritics' instruments.
If you operate our instruments or supervise people who operate them, these one(1) to four(4) day training courses are essential to help you become an expert.
Whether you are new to our instruments or an experienced operator, you will find a wealth of information and insight into Micromeritics instrument operation.

A Solid History
We encourage you to take advantage of our expertise and participate in our training classes.
Micromeritics has been providing training to improve instrument operators, analysis skills, and theory of measurement for over 20 years

Why We Stand Apart

ACCET Certification
We worked hard to earn ACCET Certification for our program. This allows us to offer our customers an Outstanding Educational Program that encompases both Leading Edge Theory and Operational Training.
Hands On Instrument Training
Every MLC Student will have the opportunity to work with brand new instruments and software during the courses.
Leading Edge Content
Our Instructors are constantly working on new applications for our Instruments and the theory behind them. This leading expertise is constantly passed on to MLC Students/Customers. See Research Projects in the "Home" tab of the menu.
Off Site Lunches
A Micromeritics Employee takes our Customers out for lunch every day of training. No soggy sandwiches and chips!
Continuing Education Credits
We offer ACCET Certified Continuing Education Units and provide Certificates of Completion with all of our Courses.
Small Class Size and Personal Interaction
All of our Courses have a maximum of 8 attendants to ensure that every Customer receives individual attention and interaction.

Student Satisfaction

We take Student Satisfaction very seriously at MLC. Our goal is continous improvement....and one of the methods that we utilize is anonymous student surveys. We encourage our students to give us their honest opinion on how we are performing and we take all praise, critisism and suggestions as a means to improve our program.

Employer Satisfaction

In addition to our Student Surveys, we also send out Employer Satisfaction Surveys between one and two months after each course..
This gives Employers a chance to evaluate how well our courses have helped their employees with in depth understanding of the theory behind each of our instruments and the software packages that accompany them.