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MLC registration

We now offer online Registration.

Once you submit your Registration Form, the Micromeritics Learning Center will contact you to confirm. A Customer Service Representative will then contact you within 48 hours to arrange for payment. Please be advised that your course space will not be reserved until the MLC Coordinator confirms your registration.

additional information

Customer Service Contact
For Purchase Order Questions please contact Customer Service at or 770-624-3636
Technical Content Questions
For Lecture Technical Content Questions please contact Kara Bailey at kara.bailey
Course Times
Unless Otherwise Stated, all courses begin at 8:00 AM. [...]
Tardy Contact
If you have an emergency and are running late for a course, please contact the MLC Coordinator, Kara Bailey at Kara.Bailey or 770-662-3607
General Registration Questions
For General Registration Questions, please contact the MLC Compliance, Jack Saad at Jack.Saad or 770-662-3316
Course Application Questions
For questions about whether a course will meet your application needs, please contact Dr. Jeff Kenvin at

registration, attendance, and cancellation policy

Micromeritics Learning Center Registration, Attendance, and Cancellation Policy

By submitting a registration, you acknowledge that you have reviewed this policy on registration, attendance, and cancellation.

Registration, Attendance, and Cancellation Policy

international students

For our International Students with additional needs, such as invitation letters for visas, please contact Jack Saad.

Multi Student Discounts

We offer course discounts for companies that choose to send more than two students to our courses.
Please contact the MLC Coordinator for details and a written quote, if necessary.[...]