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Jeff Kenvin, Ph. D,
Group Leader, Scientific Services Group

Dr. Kenvin received his B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia , Pa. He received his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Ga.

His areas of expertise are in the characterization of porous materials and catalysts using physical and chemical adsorption and in mercury porosimetry.

While employed by the Mobil Research and Development Company as a member of the Mobil Lubes - Process and Products Research Division, Dr. Kenvin managed research and development projects involving the commercialization of new hydrotreated base oils. He was the innovator of the use of chemometrics to define base oil quality standards. These chemometric models subsequently led to the development and implementation of novel techniques for characterizing composition and optimizing refinery lube operations, and the technology was successfully implemented in all Mobil lube refineries. In 1994, Dr. Kenvin received the Products Division - Technology Award for his contribution to the Mobil Corporation.

Later, as a member of the Hoechst A.G. North America Next Generation Process-Polymer Group, Dr. Kenvin directed leveraged-research at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research involved the identification of new technologies for the process and development of low-cost terephthalic acid and novel monomers for improving the properties of PET (polyester terephthalate), including the application of super-acid catalysis for the carbonylation of toluene.

Dr. Kenvin has been invited to present scientific lectures at more than 100 seminars and regularly participates in short courses on particle technology. He also serves on international advisory boards and is an officer of the ASTM D-32 committee on catalysis.