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Paul A. Webb, B.S, M.A.T.,
Semi-retired after forty years in the analytical instrument industry.

Prior to entering the analytical instrument industry, he held positions as a faculty member in the Math/Science Division at Georgia Southwestern State University and as a staff member in the Physics Department of Georgia State University.

Early experience in the analytical instrument industry included work with UV/Vis spectrophotometers, Atomic Absorption/Emission Spectrometers, and Electrochemical Detection techniques (Beckman Instruments Corporation); and in aerosol monitoring by light scattering (MIE, Inc.)

Paul A. Webb began work at Micromeritics in 1979 as an Instrument Engineer in the Research and Development Department. Over his thirty-plus year tenure, he progressed through the company next holding the positions of Technical Writing Manager, International Sales Technical Support, International Area Manager, Market Research Manager, Director of Marketing, and Director of Customer Service, U.S. Sales & Service, Analytical Services, and Scientific Services.

He has published numerous articles and co-authored a book titled Analytical Methods in Fine Particle Technology.

His primary focus currently is on methods of extracting information from mercury intrusion porosimetry data and completing an expanded version of his book.